How Long Do Lash Extensions Last?

Ever get tired of mascara, especially when it is summer and your sweat or the pool water causes it to run down your face? Raccoon eyes are the worst! That’s why I have opted for lash extensions and you won’t believe how long they last!

Before Lash Extensions

Before I dive in, I thought it would be a good starting point to show you what I’m working with. Below is a picture of my bare lashes before I popped in to Taylorwood Salon to get a set of lash extensions. My lashes are dark but short and straight. It is so hard to get them to curl and due to the fact that they are shorter, I have to use a primer before applying mascara to add length. Lot’s of eye products are usually involved in getting a lengthier lash.

How Long do Lash Extensions Last?

You would probably be shocked to learn that lash extensions can last up to 2 weeks if properly taken care of. Amanda Taylor, co-owner of Taylorwood Salon, has her very own lash extension brand and product line called Alumi. To properly maintain my Alumi lashes, I use Amanda’s Pinup Lash Cleaner nightly which gently cleans my lashes without breaking the bond that holds them in.

In order to keep your lash extensions healthy and full, you should not get them wet for 48 hours after application and book refill appointments every two weeks.

Mattie at Taylorwood Salon was fabulous! She started the process by getting an understanding of the lash look that I was going for. I told her that I like a very natural look and that I just wanted them full enough to not have to wear mascara. She customized a lash plan for me, mixing natural lashes with a few fan lashes on the outer corner of my eye to make the perfect natural lash look for my face shape and desired look.

After Lash Extensions

See below for the finished look! My lashes were perfect and beautiful. After Mattie was finished, I felt like I could sport a more natural makeup look without mascara but with full lashes nonetheless.

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