How To Create a Cohesive Look in an Open-Concept Home

An open-concept floor plan is a home layout style that features few walls and open spaces. Rather than dividing the kitchen, living room, and dining room into harshly defined areas, open-concept floor plans allow these spaces to flow seamlessly into one another without walls.

However, this same design that allows for abundant natural light and more open spaces also makes your home more difficult to design. Homes with a more traditional floor plan can have completely different décor in the kitchen and dining rooms; this isn’t the case in an open-concept home. Here’s how to create a cohesive look with an open floor plan.

Keep Some Elements the Same

Some elements should be consistent throughout your open-floor-plan home. For example, changing flooring from room to room can break up your home, making it feel choppy and unnatural. Instead, choose one flooring option and keep it consistent throughout the entire floor. The exception, of course, is utilitarian rooms, such as the bathroom or mudroom.

The trim and overall home aesthetic should also remain the same. Creating an ultra-modern living room and pairing it with a rustic farmhouse kitchen will feel jarring, no matter how expertly designed the spaces are.

Maintain a Consistent Color Scheme

Maintaining a consistent color scheme throughout the communal spaces can also help create a cohesive-feeling space. The simplest way to do this is to create a color palette for your home. Choose a neutral tone for your walls, a shade for your wood features, and a staple color. Also, add a few accent colors you’ll use for décor. This will make it much easier to find décor elements that complement each other.

Give Each Room a Unique Touch

However, just because your home has an open-concept floor plan doesn’t mean that each space should look identical. Giving each room a unique touch can help prevent your home from feeling monotonous.

Try a unique lighting feature in your dining room to create an interesting focal point within the space. Incorporate bold, geometric throw pillows in your living room to add some great visual appeal.

Rugs can also be an excellent way to slightly break up the open floor plan and create a cozier feel. One of the downsides of open concept is that it can sometimes feel impersonal. Using area rugs to define spaces within the open floor plan solves this issue.

Creating a cohesive look in an open-concept home is an essential part of making a home you love. With these tips, the task becomes much easier.

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