How to Create a Successful Brand

Now I have 2 courses created! So excited to announce my Boutique Brand Builder course! This is for the shop owner or aspiring shop owner who either wants to strengthen their brand, change up their brand, or actually create a brand from scratch! In this post, I am going to give the deets on this awesome lecture series.

This lesson is one part of my larger Retail Launch course but is great as a stand alone course should you want to learn how to create a brand that is targeted specifically to your demographic. Many people make the mistake of brainstorming and creating a brand to their liking. The problem is, if you do not know in detail who your customer is and what attracts them, you will end up with a brand design that fails because the number one rule in retail is not to cater to your own liking. Here is a little sneak peek of my course welcome video and overview of the curriculum below!



This course will not only educate you on the process of building a successful retail brand but will inspire your creative entrepreneur within using a series of informative lectures, market research and brainstorming activities, printables, and a Brand Guide Workbook for facilitating the innovation process.
Within 2 weeks you will have; decided who your targeted customer demographic will be, a solid name for your business, company color schemes, your 4 Sense Strategy, your boutique business strategy, and developed a successful Brand Guide.

If this course seems like something you wold be interested in, CLICK HERE and check it out. In honor of my launch, I would love to gift you a FREE BRAND GUIDE WORKBOOK! Just click the image below to get your guide!

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