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How to Get More Luminous Skin

My favorite product in my branded line of cosmetics, Adel Amor Cosmetics, is the Luminous Foundation which leads me to my next giveaway! In this post, you will see how the Luminous Foundation works and will have the opportunity to sign up for your very own.

Watch this video to learn more about this fabulous foundation that I am giving away and don’t forget to sign up below to enter into our Luminous Foundation Giveaway!

P.S. I contemplated posting this video because there is lipstick on my teeth for half of it. I tried a tinted lip balm and it totally rubbed off while I was filming!!! Anyway, I didn’t notice until the video was complete. I laughed about it and thought to myself… you are my people….you will get a kick out of it! Just goes to show, not everything works out perfectly… and I am only human. 😉

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