How to Organize Your Kitchen

Slowly but surely I am getting my new home in order and took on the kitchen last week. I always struggle with organization when it comes to pots and pans, the refrigerator, and my spice cabinet. Luckily The Container Store opened a new location in Memphis, TN so I cleaned out and cleaned up. In this post I am going to show you a few easy but huge ways to organize your kitchen that will really make a difference!


Organize Your Refrigerator

Having kiddos and always being on the go, I feel like I am throwing things in my fridge and scurrying to the next thing.  Before I know it, my fridge looks like the picture above. A huge task when you organize your kitchen is to tackle the refrigerator. At the container store I found several items that helped to instantly organize! I loved the egg container, can holder, and water bottle organizer for my shelves. it really cleaned up the clutter. As for my drawers, metal, mesh bins were perfect for keeping my vegetables fresh.  I hate when my fruit and veg are just thrown in the drawers in plastic bags. They tend to break down and rot quicker this way.


Organizing Pots and Pans

Storing pots and pans in an orderly fashion has always been an issue for me. They never want to stack and the lids seem to add to the clutter. At the Container Store I found the perfect solution for this problem! The organizer fastens via screws to the inside of you cabinet and pulls out to reveal your pots and pans on one organized tray. This will eliminate the frustrations of loud clanking and clutter when you are searching for the perfect pot. Want to organize your kitchen on a whole other level? Try out their other pull out drawer organizers/

Organize Your Spice Rack

Clutter, clutter! My spice cabinets tend to have plenty of room for spices but I usually have to stack them and/or pull all of them out to find one spice. At The Container Store, you will find the perfect acrylic riser to perfectly organize and display your spices!


Organize Your Utensil Drawer

I have had the white plastic organizer for years. It worked alright but the problem was that it would get dingy over time and I would have to bleach my tray. It was also too small for my drawer. At The Container Store you can get bamboo trays that cme in several lengths for your utensil drawer. This allows you to customize you storage and optimize on your space!


I hope you enjoyed my tips to organize your kitchen. If you head on over to The Container Store you will find several more organizing solutions and the ideas for optimal storage will easy reveal themselves.

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