How To Prepare Your Windows for the Winter

As the days get colder, staying warm and comfortable in your home becomes more of a priority. Old or poorly installed windows are among the largest contributors of cold air getting into your home during the winter. Fortunately, if you know how to prepare your windows for the winter, you can stay warmer and keep a vital aspect of your home in better condition.

Check the Weatherstripping

Strip seals are beneficial for helping maintain temperature, but these seals will wear down and deteriorate over time and through general use. It’s a good idea to examine the condition of your windows’ weatherstripping to see if any pieces need replacing.

Install Insulation Film

One way to prepare your windows for the winter is by investing in a film kit. Insulation films are comprised of thin coatings that you apply to your glass to help regulate and control temperatures. They’re easy to install and remove once things start warming up again, making them a good option to keep things nice and toasty.

Add Caulking

Much like weatherstripping, caulking is a good way to create a tighter seal around your windows that prevents cold air from getting into your home or apartment. Caulking works on almost any window, but certain materials like aluminum or vinyl window frames may require a specialized type of caulk. We recommend checking the material of your window frame before you head to the hardware store to ensure you get a caulking option that’s compatible with your home.

Consider Thermal Curtains

If you’re looking for additional ways to keep cold air out of your home during the winter, you can look beyond the window itself. Replacing your current window treatments with thermal curtains not only makes your room feel cozier but provides an extra layer of potential warmth.

Thermal curtains are made from thick, impermeable fabric. If cold air still gets in through the windows, the thermal curtains act like a shield, trapping the cold between the curtain and the windowpane, bringing your home to a more comfortable and consistent temperature.

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