How to Prevent your Pets from Ruining Your Blinds

I have curious dogs that are always peaking their big noses through my blinds. Of course if a jogger passes by, or worse, a fellow pup, my big barkers jump up on their hind legs and aggressively paw at my wooden blinds. After spending a small fortune replacing several custom wooden blinds, I decided to set ur on a more permanent solution, and that is when I discovered, The Shutter Store and their interior plantation shutters.

OK, so what you are looking at above are my wooden blinds after I cut them in half. Why did I cut them in half you may ask? Well after my dogs began jumping on them, bits and pieces began to break off and it seemed to get worse as the days went by, therefore I just cut them in half for a quick solution. Of course, this meant that the entire neighborhood could look into my home at all times. Not good!

This is when I decided om interior plantation shutters from The Shutter Store as a solution. The Shutter Store had the most affordable shutters on the web. I was super nervous about purchasing shutters as custom shutters involve several measurements but the experts over at The Shutter Store totally walked me through the entire process and to my excitement, my custom shutters were a perfect fit!

The shutters arrived to my home on a pallet which felt a little intimidating at first. Once we opened up the boxes and took a look at the instructions, it was so surprisingly easy to set up the frames and install the interior plantation shutters! Greg had 4 installed in about one hour tops!

I was so impressed with the quality of The Shutter Store’s interior plantation shutters as they were the most affordable option on the web in comparison to the wood used. These durable shutters were the perfect solution to defeat my pups’ aggressive curiosity of what is happening in the front yard as I just shut them when leaving and my dogs are unable to open them with their noses like they could when they peered through the blinds!

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