How to Remove Hair on Your Upper Lip

What causes upper lip hair and how do you get rid of it? I have been asking this question for years! Obviously, this is a problem that I have had for quite some time. Well if you have this problem too, you are in luck! I have found the solution to permanent hair reduction. 

First thing’s first, it is VERY natural for a women to have noticeable facial hair. The fact is, all of us have hair, some just darker or thicker than others. Obviously this is a very popular topic of discussion among the ladies, so no need to feel embarrassed or ashamed!


So What Causes Upper Lip Hair Anyway?

The main factors determining the presence of upper lip hair are of the heredity and hormonal categories. However, if you notice an abnormal increase in growth of chin and lip hair, your body could be producing increased levels of testosterone which in some cases is an indicator of a health problem. Keep that in mind before treating!


How Can I Remove the Unwanted Hair?

There are many ways to remove unwanted hair:


  1. Bleaching Cream– You can actually bleach your lip hair. While this does not remove the hair, it will be less noticeable
  2. Blades– You can try a small battery operated blade purchased at a convenient store, which I have found to cause razor burn sometimes. A dermablade facial will also do the trick, but it will not only de-fuzz the face but will also clean and exfoliate the complexion!
  3. Epilading– This is a motorized, handheld device that catches the hair between rotating rings and quickly rips the hair from the root. This lasts longer than plucking in my experience but is extremely painful.
  4. Threading- Threading is a practice where threads are used to wrap up your hairs and yank them out. Also very eye-watering!
  5. Waxing– Everyone is familiar with waxing. It is quick but also very temporary.


Semi Permanent to Permanent

I have tried all of the temporary solutions, except bleaching, and after years of painful hair elimination I had enough. I had decided that my hair would meet it’s demise with a medical grade laser from A Beautiful You Medical Spa.

Laser Hair Removal – With this treatment, a trained and license aesthetician will use lasers from a medical spa to zap the hairs which kills the roots to prevent regrowth. This procedure normally takes 6-7 treatments, about 2 minutes per treatment, and is very tolerable. In my opinion, waxing is much more uncomfortable!

“To be a good candidate for laser hair removal you have to have at least brown hair. The darker the better regardless of your skin type. We have the correct laser to treat you for your skin type. If your unwanted hair is light or gray; it has no melanin in it and that is what the laser looks for in order to permanently deplete it from the follicle. Those hair colors are invisible to the laser eye.” – Lorrie Fisk, President A Beautiful You Medical Spa


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    Wow, what a great article. I always wanted to get rid of my upper lip hair. Recently, I have had hair removal cream for my upper lip hair but I am not happy with the results. In your article, you have shared the best ways of removing upper lip hair. It’s really informative, I am amazed!

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      Alexandra Nicole said:

      Thank you so so much! I am so glad you enjoyed it!