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How to Rock a One Piece Swimsuit

Before becoming a momma I wouldn’t have thought twice about a one piece swimsuit, but after putting on every bikini that I own before going to the beach this summer, I was left feeling naked…. I mean, what is this crazy new feeling? I have never cared about baring it all before and honestly, I wouldn’t care about it still if we were on an adult trip. After exploring this new, modest feeling I realized that it had to do with my son. For some odd reason, I feel the need to sport the one piece at the kiddie pool. Disclaimer: I am ABSOLUTELY NOT judging any other momma who feels comfortable in a two piece with their little ones…this is just my own personal weird thing with myself.

So off to Target I went. I have to admit, I was excited to try the new look. I don’t think I have ever owned a one piece swimsuit, except when I was in my pre-memory recollection stage of life.
After filling my dressing room with about 10 pieces, I finished with nothing. The truth is, all of the one pieces were out of my league as well. I liked them alright, but I felt so much older than I wanted to in the mono-suit. What was I to do?
AHHHHHAHHH! THe idea came to me as I was just about to walk back to my car.
I have always been pretty in tune with my inner pin-up gal so why don’t I imitate the classic 1950’s look that I hold so dear to my heart? I gathered the perfect look in my head and then began searching for the garments that would transform me from feeling like “mom in a one-piece” to “Marilyn in her bathing suit”


1. The Halter Sweetheart Cut: The neckline is very important in determining if your swimsuit is “pin-up” worthy. You really can’t go wrong with a sweetheart neckline. It makes everyone’s “girls” (if you know what I mean) look fab and also adds a hint of youthfulness to the style. You don’t have to add the halter part to the top, however I knew that I would be in the ocean and I didn’t want to get caught in a wave with nothing to hold my top up!

2.  A Wrap: I am a firm believer that ever swimsuit needs a matching cover up. After sifting through all of the cover ups that Target offered, I couldn’t find one that was “fifties-esque” so I dcided to try the scarf isle. Believe it or not, my wrap is actually a winter scarf that was on sale. I love it because it is big enough to wrap around my waist, or tie up in front of my breast line for even more coverage.

3.  Shades: There is not one 50’s look that would be complete without a pair of Jackie-O inspired shades. These were slightly difficult to find because the oh so popular 80’s sunglasses, Wayfarers, are everywhere. I remembered that mom has a basket of sunglasses in the pantry so I decided to raid her stash. I found the perfect big rimmed, black shades for my look.

4. The Hat: Ladies in the 50’s always seemed to sport a hat in the outdoors. I was going to go with the typical beach hat, but really wanted to put a modern twist on the project. I chose the perfect mix of floppy straw beach hat and feathered fedora from The Ivory Closet.

5. Pop of Color: It is NO secret that I love red lipstick and it just so happens that the women of the 50’s did too! I chose the Black Currant Hydrating Tinted Balm from my line Adel Amor Cosmetics to add the cherry on top.

I must admit, I had a great, carefree time on the beach with my son. Not one time did I worry about how to sit so I don’t have a roll, or to keep my knees bent so my legs don’t look chunky. (Yes, I know this sounds crazy but we all have our unhealthy obsessions.) We just played for hours and had a grand ole’ time!



Thank you all so much for reading!

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