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How to Soothe Irritated Lips

Chapped and irritated lips seem to be my theme in the winter months. I struggle with lipstick because it looks so flaky and yuck on my super dehydrated lips. This winter I have discovered my new favorite remedy, Vaseline Lip Therapy!

All reviews and thoughts are my own, however this post is sponsored by Vaseline.

After using Vaseline Lip Therapy for one week, I was super surprised with the results! I decided to track the progress over 5 days and showcase my before and afters in this video. At the end, I even included a quick mini lip makeover! Check it out!


I loved all 4 Vaseline Lip Therapy scents! My favorites were the Rosy lips and the Aloe Vera, Vaseline Lip Therapy is a permanent staple in my beauty bag!

You can find all 4 Vaseline Lip Therapy scents in value stores including Walmart, Dollar General, Dollar Tree, and Harmon Face Values.

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