How to Tighten Loose Skin

Of course we can do crunches and sit-ups, but after kids, sometimes exercise will whittle the waistline but it does nothing for sagging skin. Since birthing 2 babies, I have been on the hunt for “tummy tightening after baby” hacks! In this post I am going to share how to tighten your stomach by waking up the skin cells and revitalizing collagen, as well as other areas in which you may want to tighten loose skin.

STEP 1: Apply Gel for the Venus Legacy Device

After hitting the gym and losing the LBS, I felt amazing! The only disappointment was my skin density. It seemed as though the once thick skin in my tummy area had been reduced to a saggy, jelly belly. Of course, these are the “battle wounds” from birthing children and I am thankful for my littles but the left overs were less than attractive for this single momma and I was ready to tighten loose skin! After tons of research, I decided to try the SculpSure™ and Venus Legacy™ combo. See my SculpSure Treatment here.


The Venus Legacy™ is a highly advanced non-invasive medical device that effectively resolves tummy aesthetic needs, such as non-surgical cellulite reduction and wrinkle reduction which works to tighten your stomach. This device can be used on the tummy, arms, bottom, legs, face, neck, and more! The RF technology is safe for all skin types, and provides treatments that are comfortable with no downtime. Venus Legacy™ uses proprietary (MP)2 technology (a combination of Multi-Polar Radio Frequency and Pulsed Electro Magnetic Fields) paired with cutting-edge VariPulse™ technology.


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  • Multi-Polar RF uses a complex algorithm to deliver homogeneous energy and volumetric heating to multiple tissue depths, allowing for quick and safe buildup of heat, and easy maintenance of therapeutic temperature throughout the treatment
  • Effect of Multi-Polar RF is enhanced by Pulsed Electro Magnetic Fields (PEMF), a non-thermal mechanism emitted through the applicator’s electrodes
  • Through synergistic (MP)2, RF heats and directly stimulates fibroblasts, while PEMF is known to promote angiogenesis and induce fibroblast proliferation through release of the growth factor FGF-2, resulting in increased collagen synthesis1

To see results, you will need roughly 8-10 treatments that are conducted in 20 min to 1 hour intervals per area. I found the procedure to be very relaxing, even falling asleep during some of my treatments! It feels like a hot stone massage! After each session, I was a little red but there was no pain associated with the redness.


 I was thoroughly pleased with this tummy tightening service. I felt like the Venus Legacy worked to tighten loose skin on my stomach! I feel much more confident and ready for the upcoming Spring swimsuit season!

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