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If you haven’t already heard of them, Be Free Revolution is a local mission company that started off with sponsored trips to Kenya and evolved into a company that helps many women and children out of poverty through mission work, teaching, and trade building. This lead to the creation of the jewelry line Be Free Revolution’s Papers of Peace and Ekata Collections.

“We met kids in Kenya that were being raped and abused daily. They were starving. They were stuck in a vicious cycle of poverty, destruction and brokenness. We saw this as a problem not only for these kids but the future of Kenya and for the world. We started Be Free Revolution to address these problems at the root. We have seen hundreds of kids and families lives dramatically transformed and cycles of poverty broken through trades, education and counseling.” – Be Free Revolution

In this post I am showing off the Ekata Collection handmade by Dill and Kali. I got the pleasure of meeting Dill last week in my shop when Be Free came to do a trunk show!

Dill was born in Bhutan and placed in a refugee camp for 20 years in Nepal. In 2013 her and her family were placed in Memphis to build a new life. She is a mother to two and a grandmother! She is supporting her new life as a maker of the Ekata collection at Be Free. All of the jewelry pieces I am wearing in this shoot were made by Dill!

All of the pieces are constructed with quality metals and hardware as not to tarnish or decay over time.
I am in love with every piece, especially the diamond necklace and gold knot earrings. The earrings are SUPER light weight and very classic. while the diamond necklace is a geometric design fit to fulfill the “statement piece needs” of any look.

Many of their pieces are great for layering. In this post I am wearing the Diamond Necklace, Gold Stone Cuff, Knot Earrings, and Seed Necklace.

In order to support the cause, I have brought the line in to The Ivory Closet. Here are some of the fabulous pieces that we carry!

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