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Inspirational Office Spaces

Preparing for mommy-hood and starting on my master’s degree in the Fall, I decided there is a huge need for an at home office. When trying to come up with a theme, I began to think about how I would be using the space in the coming years and quickly realized, it’s not about the theme, but instead inspiration. I needed a space that would encourage creativity and motivation.

 We just moved in to our house that is 104 years old with so much character, original claw foot tubs, skeleton key locks, and arched doorways…I am in love. Because this home is so old, there is a butler’s pantry that I have decided to convert into my home office.

(Textured Bright Red Wallpaper)

(The Antique Executive Desk, Whitewashed frames from my Late 
Grandparent’s home, and a Fireplace Mirror from the 1800’s)

(Grandfather’s Rosary blessed in the Vatican by Pope John Paul II)

(Vintage Inspired Cloak Mirror)

(Generations of Very Strong Successful Women)

(Keys to our Home)

All of these items, along with my tea chest, an original Bix painting called Deanna, and my Diploma represent success, spirituality, creativity, or the future to me. Surrounding yourself with meaningful objects, quotes, or pictures, can help to inspire or even give a sense of serenity in your home. Try turning a small unused space into an inspirational one!

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