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It’s official, my new fashion subscription service, The Style Vamp, is live, which means I can help you revamp your style several times per month! With over 1000 styles, 100 brands, new arrivals weekly, and convenient delivery, there are unlimited options for sprucing up your wardrobe. In this post, I am showing you how The Style vamp website works and also offering you a FREE 1 MONTH, NO OBLIGATIONS TRIAL to get started.

What is The STYLE VAMP?

The Style Vamp is a monthly fashion subscription service in which I have curated a wardrobe offering of over 100 brands and 1000 styles so that you can revamp your wardrobe monthly. Signing up is super easy and free for the first month!

Once you sign up, you will add eye-catching styles to your Style Vamp closet. Once you have subscribed and have added at least 8 styles, my team will get to work choosing two items from your closet and shipping them directly to you.

When your items arrive, wear them and return when ready. No need to wash the clothing or purchase packaging. When you receive your items you will also receive a pre-paid bag to ship your items back to me when ready.

Worried that receiving only two fashion items will not be enough? As soon as you receive your first shipment, you can log in to your Style Vamp account and release a second shipment so that you can have two shipments at a time.

Once you have enjoyed your items you have two choices. You may ship them back, free of charge, or if you are absolutely in love with an item, you can sign-in to your Style Vamp account purchase the piece at a huge discount.

Why Choose The Style Vamp?

Not only will you have access to popular brands and high-end looks, I make sure to update The Style Vamp new arrivals weekly. I also offer huge seasonal sales to my subscribers so that you can stock up on stock before I discontinue and launch new styles.

With a full range of sizes, even a maternity offering, I have made sure to include items in the Style Vamp wardrobe that will compliment any size, body-shape, or personal style.

I am a minimalist fashionista at heart but try to branch out with prints or pops of color. The only problem, I find that when I purchase these types of pieces for my wardrobe, it’s a one and done. I wear them one time. I love that I can use my subscription service to add pops of color and print without committing to the price. Once I have my fun, I send my items back and get ready for my next box full of fashion fun! (All of the fashion garments in these pictures, are from The Style Vamp.)

Of course, many times I fall in love with my Style Vamp pieces and decide to add them to my fashion collection. When this happens, I enjoy a steep discount from the brands I have partnered with!

Want to try The Style Vamp for yourself? Sign up here and get one month of service absolutely free. No strings attached! Happy Styling!

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