Issues With Starting Your Own Business

Owning your own business with the freedom to run your schedule and live your best life sounds incredible, and it is, but, so many people don’t know where to begin. In this post, I am revealing 3 issues that many have when trying to develop their business concept so that you can better align yourself for a successful business launch!

Video first and then detailed tips below:

You Don’t Know Know Your Skill Set

Really dream of becoming an entrepreneur but don’t really know your skill set? So many feel live they do not possess a skill set that is profitable and can sustain a full time small business. We all are blessed with unique gifts and talent, you just need to pursue the journey of uncovering them!

Price Yourself for Profit

It never fails, I work with entrepreneurs all the time and when I ask their pricing structure, I am shocked at how much they have undervalued their time and their business. Research your industry and the professionals that are leading in your sector. How long have they been in the business, what are they charging for their time, products, and/or services. Benchmark your expertise levels and pricing to start and adjust if needed.

Not Investing in You

You know the old saying, you have to spend money to make money. I know we would all rather bring in the bacon without putting a check on the line but business is all about risk. If everyone could stat a business 100% free, then everyone would be attempting to run their own business. Now, don’t let money scare you. I started my first successful business for a couple $100 dollars!

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