It’s Never Too Late |x| feat. on Call Me Camille Podcast

I had an incredible time on Camille Walker’s podcast, Call Me Camille. Each week Camille digs into different types of businesses that the most inspirational mothers are running. In addition to real-talk and behind-the-scenes details, each Call Me Camille episode is designed to help you discover your own passions and tactical tools for making the magic and mayhem work! Thinking about starting a business? Want to figure out if your idea could work? Camille Walker and her guests will share in-depth, can-do approaches and steps to making it all work.

I am so honored that Camille invited me to be on her show. We had such a great time during our real talk about business, family, and life in general. In this episode, I candidly share some of my hardships about when personal and business hardships came down on me at the same time and what I did to humbly overcome. Click here or the image below to listen.

SHOW OVERVIEW: Have you ever wondered how you can be an entrepreneur today? In this episode, Camille welcomes Alexandra Nolan, the author of The Unconventional Entrepreneur, a full-time digital entrepreneur, business consultant, and brand developer, and the founder of The UE Academy. Her aim is to allow women to be empowered through an unconventional lifestyle and explore the world. Alexandra shares her own story of how she created and successfully morphed her businesses into what she has today and how she overcame her own personal struggles as an unconventional entrepreneur. She gives her advice on how she handled situations like the 2008 financial crisis, a divorce, and having to be on government assistance and how she transformed those challenges into growing her business. Whether you’re looking to start your own business or are looking to grow as an entrepreneur, tune into this episode to hear Alexandra’s best practices on how you can make necessary pivots in your business and how you can overcome challenges as an unconventional entrepreneur.

I hope you enjoyed my interview with Camille Walker. Craving more inspiration? Head on over to and subscribe to her podcast!

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I am an entrepreneur, author, and mom of 3 from Memphis, Tennessee. I fill my days pursuing the dream of being my own boss as a full time influencer and sensory marketing specialist while spending my evenings playing superheros, helping with homework, making dinner, and tucking in my littles.

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