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Jack’s Favorite Bath Products

This baby has never had a problem with bath time. As a matter of fact, I am pretty sure that it is one of his favorite parts of the day. Although he is only 20 weeks, he is very particular about his bath products/toys. These three items will have any 1-3 year old entertained while bathing.


Please excuse the orange popsicle stains on his face…the reason bath time was so necessary in the first place. Jack always asks for Mr. Bubble with his bath, his favorite bath time friend!

One of my favorite things about Mr. Bubble is that I am able to teach jack about washing his body. I tell him to scoop up some bubble and sing the “This is the way we wash our ________” to him. He loves to play along by bathing himself with bubbles.


Number 1 seller in Amazon’s Toddle Bath Toys segment are the Sea Squirts from Munchkin.


Jack gets the giggles when he squirts his other toys with his Sea Squirts. They seem to stimulate his imagination.

We do not have a Lush Store in our area, but when I go to market on the west coast, I make sure to snag him some goodies. When I hand him a Lush bag during bath time, he gets super excited.

When Jack sees an Ickle Baby Bot Bath Bomb from Lush, he gets slap happy! He is so amused by the fizzing breakdown of his bot when it hits the water.

Slap Happy Jack


Have a 1-2 year old? Or need a gift for a toddler? Jack recommends these simple, yet awesome products for baby bath time fun!

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