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Journey to 30 Update: Spirituality

Happy Good Friday everyone! With Easter in two days, today is the perfect day to really get going on my Journey to 30 and blog about the spiritual portion of my journey.

I have always had a special relationship with the Lord but could never find a place of worship that I really felt a belonging to. In my Journey to Thirty one of the 4 areas that I am focusing on is Spiritual Awakening. In order to achieve this spiritual awakening, I needed to find a house to worship and a family to assist in my growth. People to learn from and look up to. A dear friend told me about Christ City Church so I decided to try it out.

This is our church.  It looks a lot like an old school, because it is one. Christ City Church is only 5 years old. I love its newness and that we were able to become members in it’s early years so that we get to be a part of its development.

During the week, this is a school auditorium, but on Sundays, this serves as our sanctuary. We make it holy through our fellowship and great love of the Lord. As you can see, we are a small church, continuously growing through our discipleship.


You all know this little guy! Jack really likes his homeroom at church. They have child care split up by age groups. Volunteers of the congregation watch the little ones so that the adults can really focus on and take in God’s word. Jack has lots of little friends and is always having a good time when we go to pick him up.



My favorite and most important part of my church experience is the sermons and the open invitation to experience a real connection with the Lord every Sunday. The leadership at this church is phenomenal. I ALWAYS leave feeling inspired, empowered, and with a lesson that I can immediately apply to my life and spiritual learnings.
Our church is nondenominational. We invite people of all ages, races, and sexual orientation. WE DO NOT DISCRIMINATE. Our pastors always say, we need all people. At our church, we learn in our experiences shared among each other in and outside of church. It is important to have your own journey with Christ, but to also walk with others in their journey. With that being said, I invite all of you to come out to Christ City Church this Sunday! We are at the corner of Central Ave. and East Parkway in the Middle College High School auditorium. Happy Easter and if we do not see you, remember, HE HAS RISEN! <3


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