Lifestyle Goal Planning for 2022

I have to admit, I love goal planning, partially because it means that I get to day dream about how amazing my life is going to be this year, but also because it helps me to make positive life changes. Many of us decide on a New Years resolution, mine is less of a resolution and more of a plan for lifestyle change. In this post, I will share the major changes I am making for 2022.

Intermittent Fasting

I have always been one to eat pretty healthy but never really had a schedule. I would just eat when I am hungry, which turned out to be around noon, all the way up until I went to bed. Little did I know, I was killing my metabolism by choosing to eat this way. I had heard of intermittent fasting but had never really looked into it until this year. About 3 weeks ago, I decided to try out this new schedule for eating which turned out to work beautifully. I lost about 3 lbs in the first week and have continued to drop pounds each week. My eating schedule is from 11 am to 7 pm every day, which means that I consume all of my food for the day between those hours. The first few days seemed a little tough, as I would wake up hungry through the night but after pushing through and training my body, I have intermittent fasting down pat!

Tea Garden | Self Care Time

Now, you don’t need a tea garden for “self care” I just mention a tea garden because part of self care is doing something that you enjoy. When goal planning for 2022, I decided to make a list of what I loved and three things that made the list were drinking hot tea, gardening, and fresh herbs in my food. That is when I decided to grow a little garden of lavender, chamomile, mint, and other herbs so that I could make delicious hot tea in the evenings to enjoy while reading or pampering, and also to cook with! I challenge everyone to enjoy a hobby this year. As we grow older, it is easy to loose site of the little things that make life enjoyable. Be sure to make time for joy in 2022.

Planned Workouts at Home

I used to make time for the gym 4 days a week, but as my family has grown from just me to 3 boys and a husband through the years, my fitness schedule has become extinct. To load up the boys, get over to the gym, check them in to gym camp and head on up to the gym floor for a workout, takes forever. Just the process of getting to the gym floor from my house takes almost 45 minutes which means I need about 2.5 – 3 hours carved out of my day for fitness. I decided to look at our overall gym expense compared to a home gym and was thrilled to find that we could save $40 a month if we set up a gym at home! We purchased the Tonal and Peloton on a no interest deal and began building our home gym. My goal is to be getting 4 workouts in per week, and while I am not quite there yet, I am hammering out 3 workouts per week and already starting to feel super confident in my skin! Working out at home doesn’t mean that you don’t have to be cute while comfy. Check out these super cute workout wardrobes and workout accessories.

Supplements for Health Improvement

Getting into a routine for daily vitamins was super hard. I had never really taken them daily to reap the full body benefits. In November, I decided I would set my self up for supplement success and at least try them out for two months. I learned that in order to remember them daily, I needed a system. I purchased a daily vitamin container. (You know, the ones that you see on your grandma’s counter? Yes, I have officially hit that point in my life.)
I wanted to be strategic in the supplements that I chose so I did tons of research. I knew I needed fish oil for heart health, probiotics for gut health, a system for hair growth and stimulation, and a women’s health vitamin. Seems like a lot but WHOA, I will never go back to the days void of supplements. I have seen such a huge change in my skin, hair, internal health, joints…I feel so much better overall. It did take about two weeks for me to see noticeable change but if you can stick to it, you will supplements part of your daily routine. Want to sleep in style? Here are a few of my favorite lingerie and PJ sets!

What are your lifestyle goal changes for 2022? Share them in the comments below. I am always up for adding more changes to the list this year!

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