Magnetic Wand Anti Aging Mask

It’s no secret that Korean beauty products are all the rage at the moment. Using products that help to grant the beautiful Koreans with flawless porcelain skin, count me in! In this post I am reviewing a mask that is truly unlike any other mask I have tried and here’s why…

While this post was sponsored by Onyx Youth, all reviews, writings and opinions are my own.

The Kit comes with 4 pieces, each play a very important roll in the process of lifting impurities. You get the mask of course, a spatula for application, the magnetic wand, and wand head covers.

First you use the spatula to apply the magnetic mask made mostly of volcanic ash, botanical oils, and magnetic fibers.


Once you have applied the mask, you let it sit for 5-10 minutes so that your skin can absorb some of it’s nutrients. Then you use the magnetic wand for removal of the mask and other debris from your pores.

It is crazy how it glides on just like a typical mud mask but the iron rich formula jumps off of the face when the magnet has been applied like magnetic dust. Check out the wand after I ran it over my face in the picture below!

I really enjoyed the Onyx Youth Mask and totally recommend it to anyone who wants a real spa treat and instant glow. Want to get your own #magneticbeauty? Just CLICK HERE and use my promo code: bemagnetic to get 20% OFF.
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