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I have always been a lover of the arts. Whether it be handmade jewelry, performing arts, music, or painting. Surrounding myself with the creations of others gives me a sense of  connection with humanity, an intimacy that is truely food for my soul. For this reason, I have decided to showcase a mini series on the blog featuring some of my favorite local, national, and international artists who’s works grace the walls of my humble abode. Today I am featuring a budding local Memphis artist, Jeannie Shelton whos galactic like abstract pieces will add a sense of peace and tranquility to any room.

This is my parlor room and above my fireplace is an original Jeannie piece called The Dawn of Eros. Her eye for design and pulling together color that both compliment a room and each other within the piece is impeccable.


ME: What is the inspiration behind your work?
Creativity has always been one of my core beliefs and favorite escape.  My background is in business, and I have a full-time job in the corporate environment.  While I am allowed some creativity at my job, painting really allows me to express my soul, unleash my emotions, and share my experience with the world in a beautiful and meaningful way. While I dabble in both acrylic and oil paints, I truly lose myself when I embark on an oil painting, but the journey is always worth it.
ME: Tell me a little bit about the piece you did for me.
I named this piece the “Dawn of Eros” as it represents a new love for painting that I found in a timeless late night adventure that somehow lasted until 2am.  In this piece, I played with gold leaf and different shades of pink, blue, and yellows.  I also added metallic gold paint as a finish to give it an extra layer of depth.  My hope is to evoke the sensation of peace, new beginnings, and the spark of love I had when creating this artwork.  This is one of my favorite pieces, and I am glad to have you feature it in your blog.
ME: How much would a commissioned piece like the one you did for me cost?
This painting 36×48” commissioned oil painting is priced at $750.
ME: How can one commission you for a piece or peruse your finished work?
If you are looking for a custom piece, reach out to me at
If you are looking for pieces of original art at a lower price point, I have other work ranging from $50- $200 depending on the size and type of paint used. You can follow me on Instagram @jeannie_art91 to keep up with my latest whimsical art journey. Also, I am showing at the Cooper Young Festival this year on September 14 from 9 AM to 7 PM in booth number 6B. Would love for you all to come by!

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