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Mommy, Me, and Wagon Wheels

 Last weekend Jack and I decided to take a stroll through our neighborhood to enjoy the sunshine and visit our favorite local businesses. What a wonderful time we had! If you are looking for activities to spend more time with your children this spring, take a stroll in the neighborhood of your favorite local shops!

Jack rode in his wagon for the most part, but also really loved getting out to enjoy the greenery.


Our first stop, Otherlands Coffee Shop in Cooper Young Memphis. We enjoyed a coffee, Jack had orange juice, and a snack to escape the sun for a bit. Otherlands is such an eclectic staple in Midtown with lots of little nooks and crannies to explore. We found a cozy little couch in the front window to relax.
Next, we continued on our journey to one of my favorite Midtown shops, Burkes Bookstore.
Jack loves books so I knew that this would be his favorite part of our day. jack picked a few books for us to read and also really enjoyed playing on the typewriters that are found at the end of every isle.



We really enjoyed our time together and will be taking strolls in the wagon to explore other local businesses in our neighborhood this spring.


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