My 5 Day Detox Expreience and One Amazing New Breakfast Product

My 5 day detox is over tomorrow and boy have there been some crazy changes! So many people have supported me in this journey and now I want to take it to the next level! In this post I will show some IPhone images of my skin and my waistline at the end as well as my new favorite breakfast product post-detox.


In my post on Jan 1. I talked about Tiger’s Blood and my 2018 New Years Resolution. I got an unbelievable response and an overwhelming amount of love and support. So much so that I decided to share my actual experience with all of you on my Amazing Grass 5 Day Detox.
141.8 lbs    5ft 7”
(no makeup or filters)
Before starting the cleanse I was dehydrated with lower back pains … almost like my kidneys were sore.  My skin was in decent condition with some congestion but nothing really noticeable. I have had some dark circles and have been pretty sluggish. Fever blisters were coming up every few weeks out of no where! I have no clue where they came from as I have never been prone to them.


 Here is day two of my skin. There was not a huge change from day one yet. My lips were not chaped at all which they had been for the past month. I also felt like I had a little color back to my skin. I didn’t look as tired. I think all of that fruit and veg on day one really helped with these things!
138.7 lbs


By day 3 I was still having issues with water intake. It was super hard to drink the required amount of water! Honestly, I don;t think through out the entire cleanse that I got up to 8 glasses of water a day. At this point I had been doing pretty good with the rest of the detox though. The servings are pretty big as many are a recipe made for 4 but I would just eat 2 or 3 servings, enough to fill my belly. The flavor was mediocre on the cooking part but I blame that on my lack of cooking skills.
Day 3 was the worst day for breakouts! I began getting some breakouts on my chin and around my mouth area. Everything was seeming to come to the surface!



By day four the detox had me feeling great but it was destroying my skin. I had massive breakouts around my mouth which I am definitely not prone to breakouts. They were the deep, paiful kind that cause knots. By day 4 it had just started to push out the toxins. For some reason the breakouts don’t look that bad in this picture but they were. I was even getting them on the side of my face!

CLEANSE DAY 5:136.4 lbs.

By day 5 I was feeling wonderful! My face hurt because of the hard knots of funk that seemed to be popping up but again, many say that is just the toxins removing themselves. The first day of the detox I was a bit hungry as I was not used to going without some sort of meat. The goal was not to loose weight but to detoxify so I basically just ate as much of the recipe that I wanted. I got a little tired of smoothies every morning so instead of making a smoothie with the ingredients that the detox prescribed, some mornings I just ate it raw. I needed a little crunch in my life! I had a baby four months ago and while not the goal, the detox seemed to get some of that baby weight around my hips off pretty fast. In the end, I did loose 5 lbs and got down to my pre-baby weight!

You can get the Amazing Grass Detox here on Amazon! In my research, it is cheaper on Amazon than in most places. I found two options a regular size and then a larger size.

Now, to address one other issue. I am HORRIBLE when it comes to breakfast but I have learned in this cleanse that fueling your metabolism is HUGE for total body health. My main issue with breakfast is that I have no time to make breakfast, I do not like breakfast food, and I am usually not very hungry when I first wake up. Well this detox totally changed that! I wake up ready to hit the pantry!

With Sweet Home Farm’s breakfast products, I have found my match! While I love their Erewhon cereal I rarely have time to enjoy a bowl of cereal,  therefore the granola is the perfect substitute! I keep a box of Sweet Home Granola in my car and one in the pantry so that I NEVER miss a breakfast and I always have a snack. I am super eager to get back to enjoying this mixture of goodness Sunday morning when my detox is over. I love all of their flavors but my favorites are the french vanilla and maple Pecan! I love that their products are NEVER made with preservatives, artificial colors, or artificial flavors.

Here is a variety pack of my two favorite. $26 may seem a little steep but this is a large carton. Like the size of a carton of milk and best of all, it is a small business that you are supporting. Small businesses are not able to mass product like big manufacturers therefore they do not get to take the liberty of volume price cuts. Rest assured that you are helping out a local American family.


I am ready for my next step. Now that my baby weight is off, I need to focus on re-texturing the skin on my belly and thighs as well as add some abs back! I decided to join the It Works club to try out their Defining Gel and Body Wraps. I was totally skeptical about the body wrap but I learned that there is a longer term result with it as the ingredients that are absorbed help to break down fat cells!
I am super excited to try out these new products and report the results. If you want to learn more about the products or want to join me on my next little after baby body journey. Just click the images above to go to my affiliate link and read up. I will also be showing a before and after picture once I get the products in and get started on them.

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