My Bedroom Reveal

It has been 7 months since I began my home addition journey in adding a master suite, bathroom, and dream closet. While the bathroom is still being worked on, my room and closet is complete! In this post I am sharing my dream master bedroom in little single family bungalow home!

When I began the design phase, I knew that I wanted a romantic, classy feel with a bold statement. I usually love bright spaces but I knew I wanted a sensual feel in this room. That is when I decided I would choose my usual fresh and airy paint but choose a deep floral wallpaper on an accent wall. I went over to Murals Wallpaper and worked with a design specialist to have a mural created that perfectly suited my style!


With my romantic floral wallpaper, I knew I wanted to go with retro gold accents. My boyfriend got me a super retro Marshall bluetooth speaker for my nightstand and I found the beautiful long bodied golden Le Chic table lamp with linen colored shade at Stash Home, right here in Memphis! Stash Home is my one stop shop for all things home decor and room design inspiration! Speaking on Stash Home, I also got this beautiful nightstand from their shop as well!


I love the beautiful Aspen Oxford 2-Drawer Nightstand in Peppercorn for so many reasons! Not only is it solid wood and extremely affordable, it is velvet lined, has a hidden drawer, and includes an outlet attached to the back. Don’t you hate trying to dig your arm down the back of your nightstand to plug the phone charger into the wall? Well fret no more! This nightstand has an outlet that is super easy to access right on the top, backside of the nightstand!


My bedroom is the only room in the house with carpet. I just love the cozy feel of a carpeted bedroom, in fact, this is the first carpeted bedroom I have had since my parents house in high school! This beautiful taupe carpet came from Barton Surplus Warehouse and was only $1.19 a sq. ft.!


If you are anything like me, I know you are curious about the piece of art on the wall! I fell in love with her on my last cruise. This painting by Fabien Perez is absolutely breathtaking. It totally helps that my 2 year old pointed at her and said “mommy!” While it definitely isn’t me, I am over the moon that someone thinks she is. I am a huge Fabian Perez fan. There is a space for one more painting in my new bathroom. Will it be a Perez? We shall see!

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Romantic Bedroom

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  1. 3.2.20
    Candy Rachelle said:

    There’s nothing like being proud of YOUR bedroom!!! Looks great! I’m also working on my house…3 rooms at the moment. And I cannot wait to start on my dining room…esp with my wallpaper statement wall.

    Candy Rachelle
    Keeping Up With Candy

    • 3.3.20
      Alexandra Nicole said:

      You are so right!!! I just finished my office and did some fun wallpaper in there as well! I would love to see your rooms when you are finished! Be sure to share on IG so I can get a look or send the blog post to me. -xo