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My “Breast” Friend

It feels great to be back! As you all probably already know, I took a week and a half off for the arrival of my new precious baby boy, Jack. In honor of new “mommy-hood”, I wanted to address an issue that I have faced in the first week and a half as a new mom, BREASTS!

These things have gone from just being a body part, to a body part with a huge purpose – feeding a little, growing human. Oh the things our breasts must go through in the first weeks of motherhood. No one warned me but no worries ladies, I will fill you in!

Nipple Cream – Palmer’s Nursing Butter

This stuff is the equivalent to Butt Paste for diaper rash. After feeding and pumping over and over your nipples get very sore and can even crack. For immediate relief, slap on this nursing butter and breath. This stuff is amazing and is even safe should your little one get a little taste.

Boobie Breathalyzer – Milk Screen

It has been 9 months and a glass of wine or a “brewsky” at a cookout is in order, but wait…. alcohol can be present in mother’s milk if ingested in large amounts. To determine if your milk is safe for baby, or if you must “pump and dump” give your boobies a breathalyzer and test your milk with milk screen.

Nipple Nurse – Nipple Shield

This little device has been a lifesaver for me. I call it the nipple nurse because when you are in the hospital, they won;t let you leave until the baby has latched on successfully. Nurses come in and out trying to coach you and help you and to be honest, it is quiet frustrating and a little bit of a privacy invasion for a woman who is a bit modest. The nipple shield suctions to your nipple and allows the baby to latch on and feed much easier. No more “human” nurses on your back when you have a “Nipple” nurse, nipple shield. 

Boobie Shields – Silicone Nursing Pads

Perfect for shielding against leaking. These nursing pads are great back ups when you are going to be out for extended periods of time. All you have to do is run them under warm water to clean, pop these suction pads back on, and go about your business.

Pure Cotton Comfort – Coobie

The one size fits most and full size options in this bra are fabulous for breasts that are fluctuating in size day to day. The cotton material allows for breathing and the thin pads allow extra coverage without adding to size. I love the adjustable and removable straps making breast feeding a breeze. Best of all, I can wear the Coobie after baby too!
This post dedicated to our new little addition, Jack! October 16, 2014.

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