My Fashion Line | Update

After my soft launch, I have gotten tons of feedback which has helped me to decide the future direction of my line. When launching the line, I couldn’t decide which product category I wanted to specialize in. Should I do athletics? Business attire? Casual? Dresses? Everything?

Being in business and marketing for 6 years, I know that trying to be everything NEVER works, so I decided to do two things. Conduct a soft launch and observe wich category my clients are draw to and actually purchasing, and take that information to choose categories that fit my own personal style as a brand developer.


It seems that my customers have been drawn to the unique business and cocktail pieces, as well as the ultra comfy causal styles. The more athletic pieces were not of interest and the basics did not seem to appeal either. Honestly, I am not much of a basics gal but I do love wearing athletic wear. I held off on launching my last round of the soft launch to make some adjustments with the data I had collected in mind.

Here’s what I came up with. My two categories through spring will be Work Chic and Athleisure Casual.

My Work Chic Collection will be comprised of pieces that are work appropriate but also unique in cut to cross over into an evening look. For those mommas who tend to the kiddos full-time, this line is perfect for those rare nights out with the hubby or the gals.

You will see neutral prints, unique fabrics, and most importantly, cuts that flatter the WOMAN’S body! After two kiddos and limited time for the gym over the years, I am all for a dress that appears to take the inches off the waistline.

I define athleisure casual as tops with unique cuts and/or textured fabrics that are of a neutral color scheme and can be worn comfortably with jeans and tennis shoes or a pair of unique flats to dress the look up a bit. This collection will be perfect for the busy mom or boss gal who has no time to transition from her weekend day look, to work out wear, down to a comfy lounge at home.


You will see a lot of pieces that can be layered over tanks, double as day and fitness, and that have the potential to be accessorized for a quick dress up. I also like to mix textures with slight shade differences to make the piece more unique.


In January 2019, I will come full force with a large launch every month, but in the post above are the 4 additional pieces of soft launching to get my last round of feedback.

With all of this being said, what do you think? Do these pieces appeal to you? Are you excited about the 2 collections within my line? Are there any changes, suggestions, or feedback you may have? I would LOVE to hear. I am all for constructive feedback! Thank you so much for helping me to achieve my dream! Please leave all feedback in the comments below.

Hi! I'm Alexandra

I am an entrepreneur, author, and mom of 3 from Memphis, Tennessee. I fill my days pursuing the dream of being my own boss as a full time influencer and sensory marketing specialist while spending my evenings playing superheros, helping with homework, making dinner, and tucking in my littles.

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  1. 12.23.18
    Clarissa said:

    Hey girl! I am definitely drawn to the first option. Wrinkle free flattering dresses and tops that are kind to the waistline! Monochrome patterns are my jam right now! Lots of charcoal on black, etc. I feel like the athleisure market is so saturated right now that many of us have what we need already.

    • 12.23.18
      Alexandra Nicole said:

      Thank you so so much for your feedback! I will add more in the Work Chic collection then 🙂 This helps sooo much!!

  2. 1.2.19
    Angela Merideth said:

    Hey, Beauty! I am loving the first option and echo “Clarissa’s” mention re: waistline kindness. To kick that up a notch, I gravitate heavily toward flowy tops and am an avid consumer of trapeze dresses. These 2 items not only frequently transcend seasons but also accommodate weight gain and loss. I’m in your shop weekly with fingers crossed for flowy tops (that clear the crotch line, pretty please!) and trapeze dresses (not knit). Please consider the average to curvy gal when selecting sizes, too!
    With love and gratitude to you for being my “go-to style gal pal guru” all these years, Angela

    • 1.4.19
      Alexandra Nicole said:

      Hey hey!!!

      Thank you so much for the feedback! I have used these recommendations when choosing my line! I can’t wait for you to see everything! Also, thank you so so so so so much for always supporting my small biz! -xoxooxoxoo