My Secret Condition Revealed + My Best Treatment for Psoriasis

Not many people know about the condition I have lived with almost my entire life. It has not been debilitating yet, but it has been painful and embarrassing. To this day I find myself making excuses for the lesions on my skin. I research my phone on the regular for new developments in finding a cure. In this post, I will publicly join many others that are speaking out against skin conditions.

While this post is 100% a recap and review of my experience, Dove has sponsored this post.


I began using Dove’s Derma series right after I took the photos above.
These are the main products that I used. They have some really great face wash as well but I did not use it as much since my facial skin is pretty normal right now. The red tube is a lotion especially for eczema which is in the skin condition family. While I do not have eczema, I still used this lotion and really loved my body’s response.


I used the products for about 2 weeks and saw significant improvement in the way my skin looked. It is not a medicated product so it will not actually cure your psoriasis but at the moment, there really isn’t a cure for this disease. With all of the side effects present in skin medications today, I have decided to do my body a favor and try to keep my skin comfortable with products that will not cause other organs in my body harm.



All of the products were amazing but the Dove Repairing Balm gave the best results with my skin. After two weeks of use, my elbows were not flakey, the plaques from the Psoriasis had diminished, and the itching subsided as soon as I applied the balm.


If you would like to try Dove’s Derma Series you can find the line at your local Target. If you are like me and have searched the earth for some relief from your Psoriasis or Eczema, head on over and stock up on Dove’s Derma Series right away!

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