My Smile and Tooth Makeover feat. Smile Direct

See why I am so overly excited about my newly designed mouth and wearing this super goofy piece in this post on my experience with Smile Direct Club!

While all reviews and experiences are true and my very own, this post was sponsored by Smile Direct Club

Technology sure has come a long way in the dental field. Long gone are the days of braces and long hours waiting for mouth appliances at the dentist. Smile Direct Club is making a huge splash in the dental service industry with its unique processes and technology driven business.


Upon arriving at Smile Direct Club, I had a super quick meeting in the waiting room with a Smile Direct specialist where I was asked a few questions and helped to set up a Smile Direct account through my phone.


Once checked in, Tia came to greet me in the waiting room and ushered me into her super cool, white and purple office. Tia enthusiastically explained the entire process to me, showing me what she calls the “Blurple Box” which is a purple box that all of my custom aligners, instructions, and teeth whitening materials will arrive in.

She showed me how my aligners would be labeled so that I easily knew when to change them out, and just in case I forget, Smile Direct emails me the day before I am supposed to change my mouthpieces out to make sure that I stay on track.

Next, Tia took my before pictures. This was the part where I had a big plastic ring in my mouth which created quite the goofy smile!
Next, came the mouth and tooth scan. I have experienced getting an impression taken before and this super cool process is essentially the same however is done with a handheld x-ray instead of impression putty. I definitely prefer this method since the putty can, and usually does, gag you.

After checking my scan, I observed that my bottom teeth REALLY needed some alignment work and a few of my top teeth were turning out a bit. Tia assured me that when it was all said and done, I would be pleased with my newer, straighter smile.

Then, a doctor came in to review my plan on a brighter, straighter smile. He explained everything in detail so that there would be no surprises and so I would feel super comfortable with the process.


Finally, I got my Bright On kit for whitening on the go in which I immediately broke open to give it a try. The whitening substance is in a twist pen so that it is easy to apply on the anywhere. The accelerating light plugs in to your cell phone for power and voile…professional whitening anywhere!




I am 3 weeks in on my aligners and am super please with the outcome thus far. I can totally tell a difference already and while my teeth are a little sore, this process feels much more natural than putting metal in my mouth. I highly recommend Smile Direct Club and can’t wait to share my full results in 5 months! Want to join me on the journey to a straighter smile? CLICK HERE and use my PROMO CODE: ALEXANDRA to get 50% off your at home impression kit or a free scan if you live close to a Smile Shop!
Here are a few other items that I use on the daily with my Smile Direct aligners that are keeping my teeth super white!
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