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My Upcoming Gender Reveal : My Guess

This Saturday is my big reveal and I have NO CLUE what I am having…but I do have a guess! My friends are all taking bets….All bets are open but mine is



So there are many things that are COMPLETELY different from Jack. I am carrying WAY higher, I have been sick, exhausted, and breaking out. Some pretty major body changes are going on. This pregnancy is totally different. Which originally lead me to believe that is twas a boy.



But after my last doctor’s visit and exploring more into the Chinese gender chart, I am on the fence. My little bundle’s heart rate was at 135 (old wive’s tale says boy) and the Chinese gender chart also revealed that I am due for a boy. I had a dream that it was a girl, which last time I was pregnant I had the same dream but it was a boy. Lately my late little brother has been very near and I believe that he could be dropping subtle hints that number 2 will be Jack’s little brother.
All this to say that I HAVE NO CLUE but if I had to guess….I am going to go BLUE for BOY! Stay tuned for next weekend! We will find out with our family at a Crawfish Boil we will be hosting in our backyard and of course, I will post to clue everyone in!
My outfit is from my shop, at The Ivory Closet. The top is a line of reversible cami’s that I branded called Ellen Anchor Reversible Slimming Cami’s. The necklace is a beautiful gold and pin diamond rose inherited from my late Nana Elaine, and of course, shoes and earrings from IC too!
Thank you for following and stay tuned for the BIG REVEAL!

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