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NOT Your Average Womens Denim Pants

  I met Jimmy Hankins, the founder and designer of Asbury Denim, at market this past February to do some shopping for our men’s raw denim line. When inquiring about a possible women’s denim line from the Asbury Park brand, Jimmy suggested that I try the male’s skinny fit. I slid them on and instantly felt a little edge. All of you know, I love to add hints of edge where ever possible. Check out the look and read about my new “distressing” denim project.



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 These jeans are not your average women’s denim pants because…they aren’t women’s denim at all! Asbury Park Denim is a gentlemen’s line that has been spotted on the likes of Frank Ferrer drummer from Guns and Roses, actor Oliver Stark, and Pat Gerasia of Red Sun Rising, to name just a very few. What makes this line so unique is that it “custom distresses” meaning, your repetitive movements will wear the denim in certain areas over time creating a distressed look custom to you. One catch, you don’t wash these! I know, I know, I was a little weary of this too, but Jimmy explained the true way that denim is meant to be worn and it all made sense! 
When jeans were pulled off of the Cone Mills back in the day, they were considered RAW. The denim was then purchased from consumers to be worn on the job. As men wore their denim day after day, the dirt, repetitive movements, and items that they kept in their pocket, all began to distress their jeans. Distressing is a trend that became popular once jeans were viewed as a fashion closet staple among women and men, however the true birth of the distressed look derived from the hard working men of America. The custom distressing and the fact that it takes time to get your look just right makes these jeans one of a kind. No worries ladies…once you get your pair just like you like them, you can wash them for the very first time to set your look and then go on cleaning them up in the washing machine from there on out. 
I love the idea of getting craft with these jeans, Some folks sew on cool buttons around the waist band for uniqueness or for suspender attachment. Custom patches are also a great look for added edge.
Right now I have only gotten to wear mine 3 times, but I look forward to really making these jeans special over time and may even experiment with elements of the earth. For instance, I LOVE the sea. I have been thinking about taking these with me on every beach vacation to run them in the ocean water, collecting salt and sea sediment from all over the world. 

Thank you for reading!

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