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As you all know, in October of last year, I sold my boutique business and went full time as a blogger/influencer! My dream job finally realized. I am a firm believer that every boss babe needs a clean, well designed office to facilitate creative ideas and more efficient work, so earlier this year, I began my at home office design. Ready to see the final product?


I am in LOVE with my at home new office design. With wallpaper being such a popular home decor addition to any room, I decided to wallpaper an accent wall with a Photowall mural

. The process of ordering and installing was super easy! All I had to do was choose my design, measure my wall and submit the measurements, and place my order. Once the mural arrived, it was very easy to install as the panels were pre-marked on where to cut. I chose to put my heirloom bridal mirror on my accent wall which helped to make my office look larger.



When deciding on furniture, I wanted unique pieces that were made of durable materials yet would not break the bank. Asking a lot huh? I thought I was asking a lot as well until I came across Nadeau! All of the furniture and home decor accents at Nadeau’s are extremely unique. My desk was hand carved, 100% wood, and best of all, wholesale pricing! Nadeau takes out the middleman and offers wholesale pricing to the end-user. I loved my chair from Nadeau as well. The unique aztec woven design adds a bohemian feel to my shabby chic office.



I am a fan of gold and all things shiny so I decided to accent my space with little golden nick knacks such as a golden bird tape dispenser, a mini globe, and golden planters. It is also important to me to surround myself with meaningful items such as a cast of my hand holding my son’s, my degrees, and pictures of my littles.


I am super excited about my new creative space and can’t wait to get up every morning and start the day in my perfect little at home office!

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