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Podcast Interview with Michael Zellner

The book tour is officially underway and my very first podcast interview was with Memphis’ very own, Michael Zellner. In this post, I will share the full video and also a little more about my friend Michael.

Think Big with Michael Zellner: Episode 57

Micheal Zellner Bio

Michael Zellner is the founder and host of the podcasts THINK BIG and Let’s Make a Better Memphis. Michael is an avid Memphian, attending Ridgeway High School and graduating from The University of Memphis. He is also a fellow entrepreneur owning several memphis businesses in his lifetime such as ‘The Library’ live music bar on the Highland Strip, Z’s Warehouse-Wholesale Mattress and Furniture, and Sleepy ZZZ’s Mattresses and Furniture.

I love how Michael brings many people from all different walks of life and careers to his show. On THINK BIG you will find success stories, survivors, leaders, positive thinkers, influential people, overcoming adversity and much more. Be sure to check out and follow his show here.

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