Pro Tips for Cutting Long Layers Properly

Going to cosmetology school and working as a hairstylist is fun and rewarding, but a lot of responsibility comes with the fun of cutting your clients’ hair. While your training probably covered everything you need to know about basic hairstyles and what clients will want, you might now remember everything for every client. Keep reading for our pro tips for cutting long layers properly.

Set a Guide

After following standard shampoo, comb, and trim procedures, you should set a guide for the long layers you plan to cut into your client’s hair. Make sure they have a clean part and pull all their hair forward. Comb out the pieces that will frame the face and cut several distinct sections to the desired length. You can then compare the other face-framing pieces to this first cut as a guide so you know how to continue with the cut.

Cut Small Sections

Layering requires precision cutting. Even if you’re in a rush, precision cutting requires you to cut in small sections to be as precise as the name suggests. Pinch small sections of hair between your first and middle fingers and hold the appropriate tension for that section of the haircut. Trim those edges to the appropriate length for the layers the client wants. Then, move on to the next small section. You may need to take breaks to reduce the risk of finger cramps, but you need to work with small sections for the best results.

Check Your Work

As you complete the layers, you need to check your work frequently. Comb out your client’s hair at different points across the head to make sure the cut is even, making any necessary adjustments as you do so. This is also a good time to remove weight from hair or check that the weight you’ve already removed falls evenly. You want the weight and texture to be symmetrical so your client looks their best.

Our pro tips for cutting long layers properly are simple reminders of how you can work through a layered haircut. As long as you cut a guide, work in small sections, and check your work, the long layers should fall beautifully when you’re done!

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