Kitsch Jade Facial Roller


While it does not claim to be for sinuses, this roller seemed to break up my stuffed sinuses while refreshingly massaging my face. I reviewed my new favorite spa product in my 5 Favorite Fall Beauty Buys post!

  • Genuine jade facial roller is the perfect tool for your skincare routine. Reduce puffiness, and massage away stress. Be sure there is genuine marbling and varied color in the stone of your roller. Many Amazon listings are just colored glass without all the benefits! Kitsch Facial Rollers are genuine gemstone.
  • With daily use, creates tighter, rejuvenated skin and produces a natural healthy glow. Enjoy a cooling and relaxing sensation with every use. Maximize your skins absorption of your favorite skincare products to maximize the benefits of anti-aging creams, anti-wrinkle serums and moisturizers. Perfect for using to roll over sheet masks.
  • Jade is believed to help relax the nervous system, and assist the body in releasing toxins.
  • A natural anti-aging tool, the Kitsch Jade Facial Roller will improve blood flow and circulation to the skin, and will help minimize fine lines and pores.
  • For extra healing, relaxation and soothing benefits, place the stone in the refrigerator or on ice. The stone is naturally cold, but cooling it further will aid the increase of circulation, draining of lymph nodes, elimination of toxins/waste, and stimulate collagen production. Comes in a pretty, white box for storage, or gifting.


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