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Of course the first thing everyone thinks of is a home security system when protecting their home and family, but there is much more to it. Did you know that the hardware you choose for your door really matters?

Have you heard of the BHMA Certified Label?

Only hardware that has been BHMA Certified with the Secure Home label has been tested to ensure the highest performance standards for residential hardware. The BHMA rating system gives a Good (C), Better (B), Best (A) rating on your hardware’s security, durability, and finish.


Security measures how well a lock or deadbolt can withstand impact, whether it is from a possible intruder or a heavy weather situation.


If you have kiddos, you know that the repeated use of door knobs can cause your hardware to get loose or, in extreme cases, to break. The durability rating measure looks at how well a lock or deadbolt functions after repeated, long term use. Do your children ever hang their backpacks on the doorknob? Well, durability also observes how well a deadbolt or lock works with excessive weight.


Finish measures how well your hardware can withstand the elements that it could be exposed to, such as sun exposure, humidity, salt water, dew, or even oils from our hands! No one wants a corroded or dingy lock. When we installed our saltwater pool, we made sure to get a BHMA certified lock to prevent corrosion and to ensure that it can’t be broken so we can make sure our youngest does not have pool access.

This weekend we purchased a BHMA certified deadbolt lock for our backdoor so that we can make sure our children cannot get to our new pool unattended. Having a BHMA lock really gives me peace of mind when traveling as well! We are always on the go and since purchasing quality BHMA certified locks, I no longer have to worry. Protect what matters the most to you and be sure to look for the BHMA certified Secure Home label when choosing your door hardware!

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