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Quick & Easy Ponytail

Whether it be lack of time, lack of ideas, or another excuse that we could come up with, if you are like me, you tend to keep the same hairstyle every day. Being a mom, running businesses and a blog, and going to school leaves me very little time for change in my hair routine. The other day, I had a few minutes to spare (miracle)so I decided to try something new. Learn this quick and easy ponytail for ladies on the go, or those of us who have just run out of ideas.

What You Will Need:

A Curing Iron
A Teasing Brush
Two Bobby Pins
A Ponytail Holder


Quick & Easy Ponytail

Step 1: Curl your hair.


Step 2: Section off a strip of hair at your crown and use the teasing brush to tease for volume.

Step 3: Leaving a strip of hair at the nap of your neck, pull the rest of your hair into a side ponytail.

Step 4: Take the remaining hair at the base of your neck, and pull it up to your ponytail. Wrap it around the ponytail.

Step 5: Bobby pin the hair in place. 
And there you have it! A quick and easy new hair style!

Photos By: Maddie Moree
Makeup By: Adel Amor Cosmetics

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