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Quick Quality Prescription Eyeglasses

Turning 30 has come with all kinds of little surprises, including the discovery that I need eyeglasses. Of course, being a fashion stylist, I know that glasses not only help you to see but are also an additional fashion accessory that can add a very studious sophistication to any look. Needless to say, I was secretly excited about the prognosis.

After getting my first pair of glasses, I became hooked on my new fashion staple and began searching for ways to get quality, stylish eyeglasses for a reasonable price so that I could quickly build up my collection. I have never purchased eyeglasses online before and have to admit, I was a little worried about how my frames would suit me. I am extremely picky with my sunglasses and I knew that eyeglasses would be no different.

My experience with GlassesShop was super cool! I went to their website and had fun trying on all kinds of shades. “Try on shades?” you may ask. Yes! I got to see what I would look like in each pair of eyeglasses and prescription sunglasses that I chose. They have this awesome app on their site where you can take a photo of your face and apply the glasses to that photo. Let me tell ya, time can really get away from a gal when she is freely playing with different shapes and colors for her eyeglasses collection.

I love the fact that with GlassesShop, I can try glasses that I may not normally try in the comfort of my own home, not to mention, the prices are phenomenal! Want to give GlassesShop a try as well? Then I have a surprise for you! Just use promo code: GSHOT50 for 50% off any eyeglasses or sunglasses and FREE lenses…. Just because I love ya! Click here to start shopping! Want the glasses I have on in this picture? CLICK HERE and scroll down the page to find Springfield Rectangle Brown glasses!

I would love to see your glasses when you get them in. Post a picture on my Facebook to share your cute new look!

 As always, thank you for reading!

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