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REAL TALK | I Want to be a Shero When I Grow Up

Now more than ever, we as women need to stand tall and fight along side our men for our children and the future generations to ensure a more peaceful future that is rid of injustices. Heros are not just found within men, women can be superheros too. I have decided that when I grow up, I want to be a Shero. In order to groom myself towards Shero status, I will observe the actions of those women that I look up to, rid my mouth of negativity towards my fellow sisters, turn my eyes from comparison, and shut my ears from the acceptance of cynicism towards females.


/ ˈSHirō, ˈSHērō / nounINFORMAL

a woman admired or idealized for her courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities; a heroine.”what an amazing experience to be able to meet your shero”

Traditional Roles?

This is such a delicate subject for me. I am a firm believer that we as women have roles and that we must also respect the roles of our partners. For now, I am a single mother and head of household, therefore I play ALL roles however, if I ever marry again, I will play more of a traditional role in my home as the nurturer and allow my husband to play his role as the protector. I say all of this because I believe a lot of women struggle with having the confidence to harness their Shero power when they may be playing more of a traditionally submissive role. I know I have struggled with it. Feeling like you are always demanding respect as a female. Feeling the need to be strong, even when inside you need to break down. I could go on and on about this topic but that is for another day. Today, I want to empower you, while also empowering myself, to realize that ALL WOMEN, no matter their current familial role or lifestyle can be a Shero.

3 Prep Steps to Become a Shero

Now, this will take you cognitively training your brain but it is a must in order to redirect your view to what matters most and to gain more compassion.

  1. Rid Your Mouth
    It is so easy to gossip and speak ill of other women, especially if they anger us. Let’s all practice the good ole’ saying, “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say it at all.” This is a communication trait that we all carry. We as women connect with others through communication, and often this communication leads to hurtful gossip. Of course there are some ladies out there that I am not super keen on but I have decided to throw all of that out and be kind and accepting of all women. If someone else is not giving you the same respect, don’t get upset, just cut them out. You control your own anger and you also get to decide who will be in your life. No hard feelings, just drop them and choose happiness.
  2. Turn Your Eyes
    This one is so so hard for me. It is easy to look at other women who may be taller, attractive, in shape and then beat myself up, no matter how superficial or petty, because I do not view myself as those things. In becoming a Shero, you must love yourself as well. Appreciate the beauty of God’s creations in others as well as yourself. Ladies, we have to throw out jealousy! I know it is hard. Little secret, I am particularly jealous when it comes to my man but I can’t help but admit, I get jealous over my girls too. I want to have abs, rounder butt, smaller feet, thicker hair…the list goes one. No more! I am going to choose to love myself. What a slap in God’s face that I do not appreciate how he has made me right? From now on, I will turn my eyes from jealousy and judgement.
  3. Shut Your Ears
    Not gossiping also means not allowing it. If someone is talking ill of other women, don’t listen. Redirect. Practice compassion towards others and point out their positive characteristics. We all have them. It is so much more empowering to others if you lift them up instead of beating them down, or allowing others to do so. Do not listen to the ugliness that others put into the universe but instead choose to seek for the good qualities in our sisters. Even if she really is lost or perhaps the one spreading the rumors, let it end with you. Others will notice and admire your actions, hopefully eventually emulating them as well.

Time to Act!

Now it is time to act! Once we can master the prep steps, we will be ready for service. A superhero serves others and stands strong in the face of injustice. Right now, more than ever, we need to come together and stand tall. Our compassionate nature as women, is needed in conjunction with the protective nature of our men to fight for what’s right. We can’t do it alone. Humanity rests not only on the fight of our men, but the fight that we have as females too. The innate characteristics in each sex are made to work well for a healthy society. I am not talking about roles here, I am talking about our hearts and what we are made of. So, how will you be a Shero? I have a few philanthropic ideas planned for the year. It will be baby steps for me but I am officially grooming myself to become a Shero when I grow up!