Reduce Pain and Bruising After Lip Injections

Lip injections are all the rage in the med spa world. As you all know, I have partaken in this service and I absolutely love it. I had very thin lips, even to the point that the kids in school would call me perma-smile because when I smiled, my lips would disappear and all you would see is teeth! I get the question all the time, what is your experience with lip injections and what about the after effects such as pain, swelling, and bruising. In this post, I am sharing my secret to the reduction of bruising and swelling when getting lip injections.

First, if you are interested in my review on getting lip injections, I have a couple blog posts for you, check out My Experience With Lip Injections or How Long Do Lip Injections Last.

Now, for the important part, what about the aftermath? Of course, as with any injection treatment, bruising and swelling may, and often will, occur. So how do you reduce this “not so pretty” aftermath? The key is what you do pre and post injection.

Post Injection

Once your lips have a few days to “calm down” after your treatment, they look perfect right? But what about in the hours after injecting. I used to not plan on being in public for at least two days because with the pain, bruising, and swelling, it is obvious to all that I either had my lips injected or worse, that I took a hit to the mouth!

I have discovered a product from ELLE & EVIE called Calme de Lèvre which helps to reduce any side effects of the injectable and instill a little more confidence when being seen in public after getting fillers.

Calme de Lèvre

This product was created to help calm the lips and provide relief after lip injections. I love that it is made from all natural products such as arnica oil, aloe vera, bromelain extract, beeswax, coconut oil, jojoba oil, mango butter, peppermint essential oil, shea butter, sunflower seed oil and vitamin e.

These ingredients are so beneficial post injection. They have anti-inflammatory benefits, antibacterial properties, and also promote blood flow to the area which will help to decrease swelling and bruising.

The nourishing natural butters and essential oils make Calme de Lèvre very soothing. ELLE & EVIE use unrefined Shea and Mango butter which contains more nutrients than other butters.

The Peppermint scent not only gives off a calming aromatherapy vibe but has a cooling effect once applied.

Also, ELLE & EVIE donates $1 per unit sold of Calme de Lèvre to The Save A Heart Foundation. When you try this amazing product you are also giving back!

It is really important to founder and CEO Meghan Wyscaver to give back especially after working as an ER nurse for the past 6 years in the Pediatric Emergency Department and seeing so many babies and kids with congenital heart disease, therefore, she has made The Save A Heart Foundation a big part of her company’s mission.

ELLE & EVIE Calming Lip Balm

I also love the ELLE & EVIE Calming Lip Balm. This all Natural CBD infused calming lip balm is made from high quality, all natural, nourishing, hydrating, organic butters and oils that heal, calm and protect the lips.

Some of the star ingredients that you will find in the Calme de Lèvre product, such as Shea butter, mango butter, beeswax, coconut oil, jojoba oil, sunflower seed oil, and vitamin e, make an appearance in this creamy balm. Other beneficial ingredients, such as CBD oil, spearmint essential oil, lemon balm essential oil, and green tea extract, are included in the balm for an extra skin calming affect.

CBD isolate is a form of CBD that does not contain THC-the psychoactive component that is found in cannabis and has several added benefits, including relief from pain, inflammation and anxiety making it the perfect product to use before and the days after your treatment.

I recommend ELLE & EVIE products to anyone who is planning on getting lip injections. Of course, you can go at it without the soothing properties and helping hand of Elle and Evie products but I promise, the experience will not be the same.

I can’t wait to see ELLE & EVIE’ much anticipated new product launches throughout the year and will be sure to review them just for you!

Behind the Product

Meghan Wyscaver is a busy mom and nurse injector in Ann Arbor, MI.  Meghan has found her passion when it comes to injecting, and considers it to be the perfect combination of art and science . She thoroughly enjoys working with her patients to help them look and feel their best and to become more confident in their own skin. Meghan created Calme de Lèvre to offer convenient readily available, affordable relief to her patients in the weeks following their lip injections.

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