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Repost: Style Sessions

Style Session with Alexandra Nicole

Posted By on Thu, Sep 12, 2013 at 3:28 PM

In the midst of a chaotic few days preparing to launch her second boutique, Alexandra Nicole welcomes the chance to catch her breath and makes the time to meet with me.
“Yesterday, I worked from early morning to past midnight,” she says with a couple of deep yawns, referring to a long day at The Attic, the new clothing boutique opening next week with co-owner Ben Scharff.
There’s a nervous excitement as she talks about how soon opening day will be, an excitement also driven by the fact that it will be the first clothing and accessories concept in the newly energized Overton Square, a place she sees as a significant Memphis landmark.



In contrast to hustle and bustle of Overton Square, Mud Island’s Harbor Town is where Alexandra’s first boutique The Ivory Closet fits right in, adjacent to multistory residences and other town center amenities. It’s a more tranquil setting where I visit in the middle of a work day and sort of forget I’m downtown anywhere and escape any sense of chaos.
When I step in the boutique, Alexandra immediately greets me, and I’m truly struck with how porcelain smooth her skin looks. With the extra swipe of red to her lips, she’s camera ready. The flawlessness sells her skill as a highly respected make-up artist.
She’s dressed in a perfectly oversized black top, slightly sheer, with fitted black pants and ballet flats. The outfit represents her typical everyday style — timeless, mature, sexy, and classic. “Classic New York chic” much like the concept she describes for The Attic. She switches into a white top to show another representative outfit of her style, also cognizant of her active lifestyle and the lingering summer heat.
Wiping the sweat off my brow, I subconsciously ask about her predictions for fall trends. Her list included several things I could see myself in: colored skinny jeans, red lipstick, gold jewelry, Aztec prints, oversized clothes, and pastels like peachy pinks paired with the traditional brown. Other colors to love for fall include maroon, rust and mustard.


Outfit Details
White top, Beloved. Black pants, Lisette. Flats, Yosi Samra. Bag, Urban Expresssions. Lip color – Rhurbarb, Adel Amor. Gold wrap around bracelet. Gold stone drop necklace with tassel. Most items found at The Ivory Closet. All reasonably priced.
Alexandra hopes to have the Attic open sometime next week. Go to their Facebook page to get the latest news on their opening and upcoming events. In the meantime, visit The Ivory Closet where you can also find her cosmetic line Adel Amor. She also offers make-up classes about every month.
Images: Sophorn Kuoy

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