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Repurposing Flower Arrangements – The Bouquet

Every time I am in a wedding I can’t help but to think about the amount of money spent on the beautiful flower arrangements and bouquets all to be thrown away in such a short time period. Why not use your bouquet to lighten up your home?

After an evening of wedding celebrations, I always make sure to snag my bridesmaid bouquet before leaving. After all, flowers can be expensive at the grocery store and floral markets, no need for these beauties to go to waste.

I usually find an old piece of silver like the one in the picture above, a decorative bird cage (like the one below), or any kind of ornate canister to use as a vase.
Instead of filling the vase/ canister with water, I soak a paper towel and wrap it around the base of the bouquet before putting it in the vase.

If you fill the vase with water, the ribbon holding the stems together could loosen up and the bouquet could fall apart.

You can even use table flowers or boutonniere’s as accents to arrangements or bedside and bathrrom flowers.

I use small jam jars or coffee mugs as vases for these mini arrangements. There is nothing like waking up to fresh flowers on the nightstand or soaking in a warm bubble bath with a vase of lovely blooms on the bath side table.

Thank you Kacie Cooper Floral Design for the beautiful bouquets!

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