Self Care at Home – The Necessities

We have all been cooped up for quite some time which seemed like a mini vacation, until you run out of things to do, you have no reason to get ready for the day, and you binge watch the news, makes for a pretty depressing day. I know, being a creative and extroverted optimistic, my need for freedom and relationship with the world is beginning to stifle my generally upbeat mood. This week I finally realized that life has not stopped, if just requires a pivot and a little day to day routine change to adjust to our new environment. In this post, I am sharing several ways I have made minor adjustments and mastered new skills to maintain the lifestyle I once took for granted.

Everyone says that when this is through, we are all going to need some serious beauty services. Shabby hair, overgrown nails, bushy brows, and the list goes on. I refuse to sit back and wait for the salons to open back up so like I always do when I want to take something upon myself, I Google! Here are some “Self Care How To’s” that can be done from home. And YES, these are the necessities.

DIY Home Manicure

Haircuts, facials, and nails! It seems that quarantine has all of us roughing it in the beauty department. That’s why my DIY Manicure post is not only going to help you refresh your nails, but will also help to nourish them as well!

manicure DIY

Meditation Tips for Beginners

When I was back in college, meditation was all the rage. Brittany Spears and other stars were wearing the red kabbalah bracelets and Deepak Chopra was the top guru. I dabbled in meditation and recall that it seemed to instill more peace in my life but somewhere along the way, my very beginner practice fell to the wayside. Recently I have decided to research further into meditation and its benefits and WOW! The positive benefits for your mental health are astounding. Want to try it out? I have a simple post with meditation benefits and tips for beginners here.


Workouts From Home

WIth the mask requirements at gyms, it is hard to get your workout on. I always feel like my air flow is restricted when I am running full speed on a treadmill. Here are some easy home workouts to stay fit while staying home.


Taking the Right Supplements

Our bodies need some TLC on the inside too. Give your body an extra boost by taking health supplements. Women can benefit from a hormone-balancing inositol supplement. which can do wonders to their reproductive health and stress levels. Meanwhile, men can use multivitamins especially formulated for them. Make sure to check with your doctor first before you take anything.

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