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Well I have been at it for 3 months now, selling my home. Of course I have a fabulous real estate agent that knows all of the processes beyond showing the place, but even with the help of a professional, selling a home is hard work. In this post, I will share my experience with selling my home as a single momma of two kiddos and some of my inspirations on interior design once I get a new place!


So I am officially selling my home. It was once my little dream home but the more and more I think about my boys growing into teenagers down the road, I have come to the realization that this is not my forever home. I am going to need more space for my two budding men!


I am pretty good at keeping a picked up house, but keeping it immaculate for showings is a completely different thing. The kitchen is a wreck every night after cooking the boys dinner, especially because I let James feed himself. Their room stays a complete jungle and Windexing my shower gives me arm cramps for days!
When a showing is booked for my home, it is often same day within hours. I literally have to stop whatever I am doing, clean the house, find a dog sitter, and hope and pray that my cleaning job and home is impressive enough. It is a completely exhausting process. One that I hope I will never have to endure again.


While selling a home is a daunting task, there is the fun part. Designing your new space. This is where my love for Wayfair comes in. I have shared my inspiration boards for three rooms in my “one day” new home.

My advice for single mommas trying to “move on up,” now is the time to teach your kids how to put one toy away before playing with another. Sweep and mop every other day. I know it sounds like a pain but it will help when a showing request pops up in the AM for lunch time while you are getting ready to walk out the door for work. Finally, if you aren’t a bed maker, become one and teach your children to do the same. If you generally keep your house picked up, and do these three things, you will not be scurrying around when a house showing request comes up at the most inconvenient time.


The best part of selling a home is day dreaming about your future abode! I have created several collections on Wayfair for a little interior design inspiration as I decorate my new living quarters. Here are my mini collections below!


This Parlor room inspiration came from my late summer trip to Natchez, Mississippi at the Rosalie Home. They have these amazing velvet green couches in the upstairs hall that I just fell in love with. I loved the majestic feeling of the mid-1800’s home.


Edwardian style reminds me of LOVE. I have dreamed of one day wearing an edwardian style ring and laying my head next to Mr. Right in my royal suite. You don’t have to have a big home to go big. You can add a crown molding to the ceiling and go all white or light cream to make the room look larger. Focus on grandier pieces to also enhance the appearance of size.

the office.jpg

I love an office that is clean but carries inspirational colors throughout. I have found that when I am shoeless in a cozy office with good tunes and my work at hand, I get so much more accomplished in a day.

Of course there will be tons of other rooms in my new home, once I get one, and I will have a blast planning out the boys rooms, my spa inspired bathroom, and hopefully a “Sex in the City” closet!

Curb appeal is also essential for making a good impression on a buyer, so be sure to clean and revamp the exterior of the property before accepting show requests. Consider adding a few  solar-powered post lights outside for an additional feature to interest a buyer. Affordable upgrades like these can go a long way in adding value (monetary and non-monetary) to your property.

Would love to hear some of your ideas! Please share your favorite interior design tips below!

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