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Often, we find ourselves caught up in making sure that our clothes, hairstyles, and makeup aligns with current trends. Not to mention the many hours spent scrolling our phones in search of these trendy looks. The beauty world has constantly evolved, especially within this new age of sustainability and everything going more towards natural. Here are some shocking new beauty trends for you to try. On top of it all, since spring is upon us, it’s time to give your routine an update! If you are self-quarantined or just have lots of time at home, take a look at some of the new makeup and skincare trends you could try these days.

Guest Post by Mary Davis.

Natural Beauty from the Ground

Natural beauty from the Earth’s natural resources is something that may have been around for awhile, but it was usually hard to find and expensive. Nowadays, that isn’t the case! For example, ever heard of the Blue Lagoon in Iceland? It’s rumored this natural water source has healing powers. The initial blue lagoon products were made based on treatment purposes. Over the years the brand has evolved to making skin care products that nourish, fight anti-aging and boost the skin. These products are eco-friendly and can be found in the Blue Lagoon USA online shop. Try natural beauty products and see the difference in as little as 4-6 weeks.

skincare blue lagoon

Used Makeup

Buying used makeup is a beauty trend that is both eco-friendly and encourages a sharing economy. I know what you are thinking, “ew that’s just gross”, but hear me out! Makeup that turns out to be the wrong shade or those ones that one buys only to keep them are taken, cleaned thoroughly, repacked and then sold. All products that are sold are safe for use taking into consideration the expiration date and hygiene. This has been a huge trend in Asian countries and is expected to hit the states soon!

used makeupphoto:

Inhalable Beauty

In the current digital age, people have become conscious of their well-being. This has also contributed to the need of wanting to look and feel good. Aromatherapy comes in handy in bodybuilding and purification. Inhaling the vitamins and essential oils is the coolest trend also called inhalable beauty. You should consider in investing in a diffuser, where you can put in the oils and smell their goodness all day long, whether you are in your office or put multiples in your homes.

diffusersphoto: The Wire Cutter

SPF Crazy

SPF also the without a doubt, THE MOST important ingredient you need in your beauty routine for warmer months! Make sure to incorporate some moisturizers or just slap some sunscreen with minimum SPF 30 on your skin every morning to prevent sun marks and blemishes. If you have oily skin, try looking for oil-free SPF face creams!

photo: The Wire Cutter

Jade Rollers

Based on Chinese ancient beauty practices, the jade roller is associated with youthfulness and abundance. This precious beauty roller gives you a feeling of calmness and rejuvenation despite being affordable. You can choose different types of stones to treat different types of skincare problems.

jade roller
photo: Allure

Each trend mentioned above is useful and can make life more interesting when tried or incorporated in a skincare routine. The natural beauty from the ground can improve both your health and skin. Used makeup can help you save more and be more sustainable (win-win). SPF can protect your skin from UV rays leaving you to look younger (yay!). Jade Roller can leave your skin glowing, looking younger and refreshed, which one will you try?

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