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Showing Skin in Your 30’s

When I turned 30 I officially felt the need to be more conservative and classic in my fashion choices. I have struggled over the past year to feel sexy in my fashion without looking like I am a mom dressing like a 20 year old. I have learned that sex appeal, when it comes to fashion in your 30’s, can easily be achieved in simple unique cuts.


I  love the unique cuts in this sweater. The keyhole cut in the shoulder is a great alternative to a low cut top and the cut out back is a great way to show off your back muscles instead of a cropped top. Tops with unique cuts allow a momma to feel hot and guilt free!

Now for a few extra sexy accessories!

Seek leather booties are very European chic. I love that these can be worn with a blazer in the office or skinny jeans and a top for a more casual look.


Hats are great for remaining trendy in your 30’s! Wide brimmed hats are very popular among the younger generation and will take a serious outfit down into fun leisure wear. Hoops are another staple of youth. I like hoops with little charmed drops or natural stone accents to dress up my look.


I would love to know your favorite fashion tips for ladies and gents over 30! Just leave them in the comments!


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