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I feel like it is easy to choose skincare when you have either dry or oily skin types, but what about combination skin types? But first, what defines combination skin and what are the signs to tell if you in fact have a combo skin makeup. Also, which combination skin products have I fallen in love with and how do you win those products?


What is Combination Skin?

Combination skins means that you have oily skin in some parts of your face and dry skin in other areas. Typically, you will have a mix of oily and dry areas on different parts of your face.


5 Signs to tell you have Combination Skin

  • The t-zone , which is your forehead, nose, and chin, tends to be slightly to very oily if you have combination skin types.
  • You tend to have oiler skin in the summer and drier skin in the winter.
  • Your skin tends to flare up when you have higher level of hormones, such as your monthly cycle


My Favorite Product Line for Combination Skin Types

Knours. is an amazing line for combination skin types. Their motto is “Forget skin type. It’s all about tuning into your body + giving your skin what it actually needs (when it needs it).” Knours. believes that products should work for you, not against you.  They are always transparent about their ingredients and only make seriously clean & effective products that actually help your skin. Their product are toxin, irritation, and allergen free all while providing the results that you can see! Here are my most recommended products for combination skin types.

1. Your Only Cleanser Knours.

This 2-in-1 cleanser works smarter (not harder) for a seriously fresh-faced clean in one step. No tight, dry skin. No greasy residue. It starts off as a nourishing oil to dissolve your makeup & pull out pore-clogging grime. Then, it massages it into a bubbly cleansing foam, leaving nothing behind but beautiful skin. Basically, the oil helps to break down makeup and other dirt while the foam helps to prevent the oil from disturbing the skins balance. Perfect for combination skin.

2. Be Kind to Your Skin Mask

This innovative tencel sheet mask will allow your combination skin to be its best self without having to go through a million steps to get there. The mask contains powerhouse ingredients like hyaluronic acid and organic aroma oils that are packed into a silky and deceivingly thin tencel sheet mask that does all the work for you! A wonderful product for all skin types.


3. Double Duty Mist

This is your customizable skincare secret weapon targeted for all skin types. Naturally split into two layers, it transforms to give your skin whatever it wants most right now. The refreshing bottom layer clarifies & soothes. Is your skin feeling extra irritable, oily, or clogged up? Mist it on without shaking the bottle, so the layers stay separated. The oil-rich top layer nourishes & moisturizes so whenever your skin’s looking a little dry or lifeless, shake things up and watch the layers emulsify.

4. One Perfect Cream

This multitasking moisturizer is essential for daily combination skin care. One Perfect Cream keeps your skin satisfied with the ultimate balance of hydrating, nourishing, age-defying, and brightening qualities. Great for both AM & PM. When skin is oily, use sparingly. When you skin is parched, apply generously. It’s your one and only.


Bonus Featured Products

5. Epilorstick

Tired of waxing, threading, or plucking? This pretty epilor rose gold pen is a battery operated hair remover device. It is the perfect size for your purse and gets the job done in a jiffy! Right now they are liquidating their 2018 stock so lucky you, you can get one at a super great price! Just click here.


6. Tuuwa Muscle Relief Skincare

This is a local Memphis based small business that creates menthol free muscle relief creams. Founder, Mark Xu, is a third generation licensed and certified Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Herbologist and Acupuncturist. In his 30+ years of professional practice, he has utilized the traditional ways of Chinese Medicine to help thousands of patients and developed new and very effective protocols and formulas to enhance the quality of health in people’s lives. Their mission and passion is to use the finest, purest, time-tested ingredients that Mother Nature has provided for us on the Earth to promote optimal health and wellness. Thus, they wanted their company’s name to reflect our origins, so they chose “Tuuwa” which is a Hopi word that means “Earth.”


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