Small Business Tips for 2022

Being an unconventional entrepreneur planning your business for the year can look a little different. Usually small business entrepreneurs have limited resources and staff so it is essential to strategize so that you can get the most out of your time and money. Here are 5 tips for getting the max out of your business in 2022.

Tip #1: Assess your Business Platform

I was guilty of this too. When starting my business, I was so super excited that I did not fully research the platforms that were available for business. Platforms are the systems in which organize your business behind the scenes and to the public. There are so many innovative platforms on the market which allow to you to manage your customer base, marketing, ecommerce websites, inventory, blog, social sites, and so much more! This year, look deeper into your business needs and how you want to grow in 2022. Then, ask yourself if your business systems and platform are in line with your business needs. This year, I implemented WooCommerce into my site so that I could launch and presale my book that will launch in 2022. I have also reorganized several retail shops and highly recommend Shopify for a robust business system.

Tip #2: Examine Your Customer’s Actions

There are so many tools for researching your customers actions when interacting with your business. The easiest and most cost effective way to make assumptions about your customer’s actions is through If you set up your website with Hotjar, you can see your customer’s interactions on your site in real time. This allows you to determine which areas of your homepage are most popular, images that peak interest, and your customer’s digital journey with your business.

Tip #3: Use Call Forwarding and Voicemail Transcripts

It is so tempting to answer every single call that comes through however, in my experience, this can lead to wasted time and hours a week on the phone dodging sales calls or other unexpected calls. With the TextNow AdFree+ plan, you can prioritize your activities and plan your phone time more effectively. TextNow allows you to have a free business phone line without purchasing a phone plan. Even if you don’t already have a phone plan, through TextNow, you can obtain a free business phone number and answer calls through your tablet or mobile device using Wifi.

Tip #4: Solidify Your Niche

Do you know who your customer is? Many business owners probably feel like they can spout off their target demographic in an instant, but in my experience, that demographic change over time. Use insights from social media, Google Analytics, or your point of sales system to analyze your customers and audience. Are you surprised at the gender, age, or lifestyle differences? I challenge you to choose a niche market from your demographic research to streamline your business and marketing efforts to better position your business and product/ service strategy in 2022.

Tip #5: Secure Your Work

With many businesses using digital strategies, tablets and mobile phones are used to take promotional photos and videos for social, email and other marketing purposes. Securing your photo and video shoots in the cloud is super important. I use my TextNow app for unlimited photo and video history so I can rest assured my content is safe.

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