Sophisticated Spaces: Elevating Your Home’s Style While Raising Kids

You might love some interior design styles but feel like they’re impossible to have in your house until your kids are older. Don’t spend years waiting to have the house of your dreams. Elevate your home’s style while raising kids by checking out these tips to transform each room into a sophisticated space.

Change Your Picture Frames

Family pictures create a traditional, homey vibe. They’re great for gallery walls and standing frames, but may not produce the elevated feel you want. Keep your kid’s art on display by changing the frames instead.

Floating frames with glass edges catch the eye, while art deco frames with geometric shapes showcase whatever’s inside. You’ll add luxury to every room and thread a theme through your home without changing what you like on your walls.

Upgrade Your Laundry Routine

Parents often feel like their laundry never stops, but your household towels could be what you need to elevate your home’s style. Invest in matching towels for your bathrooms with a plush feel or a specific pattern you love. They’ll look as fresh as hotel towels if you try laundry tips like maintaining each towel’s absorbency by avoiding fabric softener.

You can also wash the towels separately with color-boosting products. After using stain remover to banish discoloration, a booster product will bring the fabric’s natural colors back to life. They’ll be magazine ready even if you use them to mop up spills or care for your kids when they have the flu.

Pick Different Kids’ Room Colors

Your kids might have specific rooms where they keep their toys. Their playroom or bedrooms focus on their things, which might clash with the interior design styles you’d rather have in your house.

Gain more creative control over child-focused rooms by opting for non-traditional color palettes. Instead of pink or blue curtains, you could hang curtains with forest motifs and cover the walls with removable wallpaper in shades of green. It depends on your design preferences and what interests your kids most.

Designate Art Shelves

Family homes typically have bookshelves overflowing with children’s stories. The covers may not match your home’s future design, but you can still turn them into artful displays by hanging a floating shelf or two.

Designate those shelves as decorative spaces where the books face the rest of the room with their covers instead of their spines. Showcasing two or three books will make your child’s room look sophisticated without requiring an average of $100-200 for advice from a professional interior designer.

Choose Rustic Furniture

Furniture that uses laminated or veneer wood is in most households. It’s budget-friendly and easy to mass produce, but it may not fit your style dreams. Rustic wood is an excellent alternative if you want to upgrade your furniture. The natural texture adds an elevated sense of style to any home while remaining robust against stains and spills.

Choose an Adults-Only Space

Many parents claim a room as adults-only for various reasons. It could mean your office is off-limits to your kids or an exercise room is only for the adults who use it. If you have one of those spaces, go big with your overall design theme.

You could decorate it with luxury decor and modern furniture that you wouldn’t otherwise risk around your kids. You’ll never worry about things breaking or getting stained, so investing in purchases for that specific room will be stress-free. 

7. Consider Adding Wallpaper

Sometimes a new coat of paint is the central step in transitioning your home’s design to something different. Even if you have a dream color in mind, painting is an extensive project. You’ll need time to apply two coats to each wall while taping the trim so your paint only goes where you want it.

Skip the arduous process and the expensive fees for professional painters by using peel-and-stick wallpaper. You can easily apply it to create a statement wall or cover every room in a bold print that matches your design aesthetic. The modern decorating tool creates sophisticated spaces in just a few minutes and has an average starting price of 75 cents per square foot, which is perfect for busy families.

8. Opt for Timeless Designs

Cartoon character bedding and storebought art with age-specific motifs like baby animals don’t exactly fit aesthetics like bohemianism or Scandinavian minimalism. Whenever possible, try avoiding those age-specific elements in your home.

Your kids can still have their favorite toys, books and clothes while you get timeless decorations for every room. As they grow up, their changing interests will still work alongside your original aesthetic because you didn’t rely on age-specific design elements to make your house feel like a home.

Elevate Your Home’s Style

Raising kids doesn’t have to clash with your interior design dreams. Elevate your home’s style using clever tips that fit anyone’s time and budget. You’ll create sophisticated spaces that break the mold without overpaying or worrying about expensive investments that might not stand the test of time.

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