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Spring Preview: Festive Dresses

 In honor of Spring and the upcoming Easter holiday, I have selected some of my favorite spring dress pieces for you to preview. You may be wondering why I removed my face? Studies show that when viewing fashion, you are more likely to focus on the fashion at hand if the outfit is only accompanied with a smile…. interesting right?


The underlying theme of market this spring was tie neck and laced up neck tunics. This dress features the very popular beaded tie neck and is vibrant with a festive pattern. I am ALL about transitional pieces and this dress/tunic hits all the key points. The orange undertones make it great for a Fall festive look. The light weight rayon material is perfect for Spring. The southwestern summer pattern makes it perfect for summer vacationing. Those it o with a sweater and some fleece lined leggings and VOILE, WINTER!
My favorite thing about fitted, horizontal stripes is the adverse effect that it gives versus looks horizontal stripes. Fitted stripes hug the hip curves making you body more hourglass.  No more thin is in. Embrace your shape with stripes!
This piece is so interesting.  Most associate turtlenecks with cooler months but the turtlenecked lightweight tunic dress is popping up everywhere. I love the ripped texture of this piece and the fact that the draped fabric adds additional dimension.
 Here is the tie neck again but this time with the extremely popular tassel! If you are sporting the tasseled look, you can’t go wrong. This dress has some fun mini ball tassels around the collar along with an embroidered neckline.  Flowy, solid, catchy colors can make the body look boxy. The added embroidered pattern speckled throughout this piece breaks up the solid salmon color.
Thank you for viewing my Easter/ Spring dress favorites and when you’re ready to store your winter belonging’s, be sure to check Makespace out for your storage needs. I just love being able to keep all my fashion without my closet becoming cluttered and Makespace is my solution!


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