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Sunday Spa Survival Kit

Unwind from a long week and celebrate yourself with a Sunday Survival Kit! Spas are so relaxing, and in my eyes, are the ultimate pampering…but who has the money for a couple hours at the spa every week? That is why, every woman should have their very own stash of spa goodies to take the stress out of a long day…or week.

Thank you Memphis Bombshells for the lovely shoot 😉

Turn your bathroom into your very own private spa to unwind and relax, ponder deep thoughts, or to inspire yourself with creative ideas…whatever the outcome of this “you time”, it is sure to be nothing but positive. It seems these days that people only celebrate themselves on their birthday, but I believe life and time should be celebrated every day, whether it be with knowledge, development, peace, or finding your inner you, everyone should embrace time to find new ways to love and discover themselves.

My Spa Sunday Survival Kit

Teavana Tea
(Lavender or Youthberry Blend) This loose leaf tea not only tastes divine, but has health benefits and is a great start to relax your mind and body for your spa adventure.

Voluspa Candle
The natural ambiance and soft scent is soothing to the senses and sets the perfect lighting for your home-made spa.

Peter Thomas Roth Pumpkin Enzyme Mask
Pumpkin Enzyme is one of nature’s beautifying powers. It naturally exfoliates the face, bringing dirt to the surface and helping to eliminate dead skin.  Not to mention it smells FABULOUS! I put this mask on with cucumbers over my eyes after I get out of the bath, pure relaxation! I swear by the power of pumpkin…and all of Peter Thomas Roth’s other skincare creations!

Beauty Control’s Glitter and Glam / Instant Manicure
This is my third jar of this stuff and the title says it all. Instant manicure. I am notorious for cracked cuticles and dry hands. This lady does a lot of manual labor…mommy-ing, yard work, building displays at the shops, and carrying everything known to man… my hands can look pretty rough, pretty quickly. Every Sunday I use my instant manicure to get my hands exfoliated and ultra hydrated before the start of a new week.

Boots Brazil Nut Body Butter
Boots and I go waaaaay back. Long before Boots’ products were available in the USA, I was indulging in there super affordable skincare in the UK. Boots is a drugstore in England and this is their brand of body butter. It is super hydrating and smells delish! Personally, I feel like it is just as good as The Body Shop and the price is even better. I came across this product in Target a few months back while I was preggers and looking for some anti-stretch belly creme. I am so thrilled it had finally made it’s way to the US consumer market!

A few years back, I realized the importance of taking time away from the everyday woes of life and appreciating the gift of time and body God has given me. Along with ballet, I designated Sunday afternoons as “quiet me time,” slipping into my bathroom, or my made up “at home” spa, and letting go of worry, negative feelings, or any real thoughts for that matter. Because I feel this time is so powerful for well-being and sanity. I hope you are able to use these products, or some favorites of your own, to create a “Sunday Spa Survival Kit”, so that you too may start your personal journey to a more peaceful week. 

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